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1|  Boss and Admin of this league is =*FBI*=Dr.Roman

2|  Champions league is made for active coj players.

3|  Each clan can choose 3 teams... Minimum players in 1 team is 5.

4|  Everybody must play with REAL NICKoptional is only  name of team  (this name will choose leader of team).

5| Maximum allowed ping is 160 and for American team's 200.

6|  Size teams for play is only 4 vs 4  !!!

7|  For more matches and bigger fun will be made only 2 groups.

8|  Every team will not have main map, but need to choose for each match another one.

Example : In Group  "A" are 8 teams , so they will play 7 matches. All clans will give to admin 7 maps and this teams can use 1 map 1 time no more.

9|  Allowed is play 2 same maps in war. Example : FBI vs HH .... FBI Chosse Highnoon and HH too.

10|  In match each team can replace max 3 players.

11|  Clans which don´t have so many members can make mix teams.

12|  Mods are not allowed (Guns, Building , Tables , Skins of players etc...)

13| All players need play with Xfire for screenshots and video.

14| Take screenshots at start and end of all maps !

15| If someone is underterrain or crashed, restart round !


Good luck and Play For Fun.. I hope that u will remember this league like league where u play with good players ;)